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Unless she’s like ours. she’s loco.

We’ll admit it, we’re a little bit different. We don’t always play by the rules. We prefer to write the book rather than follow it. We never do things just because “that’s the way it’s done”.

Our approach is to do whatever is best. If that means following the Tried&True methods of old, we will. If it means innovating and creating new methods, we will do that instead. We think outside of the box so that the solutions we bring you are never out of the box.


Our Approach

Our Approach to marketing

Research, strategise, create and amplify. That’s the basic principle.

We utilise our sophisticated market research capabilities to understand who your audience are, where we can find them and what they want from us. We then take that knowledge and apply it to your content, creative and channel strategies.

Sure, we can be your “SEO agency” if you’ve got the rest covered. We can also design and build your new website. Or we can handle everything, end-to-end, to maximise the ROI on your marketing budget. Never off-the-shelf, always bespoke to your needs.

Why Tried&True?

say hello to some of the team


Mick by numbers: 10 years in the game, 3 of the biggest agencies in the country, 3 kids, 3 dogs, 33 years painful years as a Sunderland fan and a big fat side of Asperger’s. He’s a failed comedian, a failed lawyer and a failed MMA fighter but when it comes to marketing; he is the definition of Tried&True.


Kirstie has worked in digital marketing for nearly 15 years, yet is somehow the most upbeat person in the office. With a wealth of experience working as a consultant and senior in-house marketing roles, she really knows what clients want – that’s why she heads up our client operations and account management.

general manager

Holly is our designated adult and is tasked with running the office day to day. A unique blend of the patience of a saint, the mouth of a sailor and a “get sh*t done” attitude that is the lifeblood of Tried&True. She also knows all of the best lunch hotspots so when you’re in town for a meeting you’re in for a treat.

account director

Sammy is one of our senior strategists and it’s her team who will manage your campaigns and projects day to day. Bring her your objectives and she’ll whip up a strategy that cannot be beaten.

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