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Not Your Grandma’s Agency

by | Mar 18, 2020

Hello, I’m Mick. Welcome to Tried&True.

We’re a full service marketing consultancy and digital agency based out of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. If I’m honest, the main intent behind this post is because we wanted to launch the website to show you all of the amazing things we can do for you, and the blog looked hideous without any posts to display. That said, I thought I may aswell use the time to tell you a bit about us, why we’re here and why we plan on being the agency equivalent of your forever-home.

The first you should know about us is that we’re a little bit different. I know, lots of agencies / brands / guys you meet on dating websites say that, but the truth is they rarely are. Your agency will still charge you unreasonable and unjustified fees, “brands” will sell you the same poorly produced Ali-Express products and your Tinder date will ghost you any day now. But we really are different.

Our key philosophy is simple: marketing is not meant to be one-size-fits-all. It’s not meant to be off-the-shelf, production-line style services. Every business is unique, because if it’s not then it won’t be a business for long. Your marketing strategy should be too.

Ultimately, that’s why I founded Tried&True with my partners. I’ve worked both sides of the fence – senior roles in-house and at large agencies and the one thing that was abundantly clear was the disconnect between the requirements and expectations of clients and the return they receive from agencies.

As you’d expect, our industry is good at selling itself. The experienced, knowledgeable, senior members of agencies will sell you the dream – but the junior marketing executives tasked with delivering it do not have that same level of understanding and ability.

The irony is that the bigger the agency and the higher the fees, the more likely you are to be serviced by junior members of the team thrown in far too deep.

That’s just not us, and it’s why I personally make the same commitments to every client who comes on board, regardless of budget or fame:

1. Your lead marketing strategist (the one you met before signing the paper) will always be your lead, as long as they’re still a member of the Tried&True team (and you still want them, of course).

2. We keep the agency lean so that your fee’s can stay that way. We’ll always be transparent about our pricing model, which will be built for you and your situation – not based on a standard day rate.

3. Everything we do for your business will be based on what is best for your business. Never off-the-shelf, never out-of-the-box – bespoke marketing strategy and solutions that maximise your ROI.

4. We’ll be flexible. Things change and customer behaviours evolve, so your agency needs to adapt along the way. If there’s a better use of your budget than the delivery you originally signed up for we’ll be the first to suggest a change in direction.

5. We’ll continue to innovate, challenge and disrupt to keep our clients ahead of the curve. If we’re leading the way, you’re never lagging behind.

The fact is that the industry needs a shake-up. There are already some great agencies making that happen, and now we’re here to turn it up a notch. We are not your Grandma’s agency.

So, if you fancy a chat then you can find all of our details below.

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